Hand-picked by GardaWorld Corporation to spearhead their in-house portion of the company’s rebranding process and to ensure both the utmost in visual creativity and the highest caliber of technical expertise in all deliverables.

GardaWorld Publications
GardaWorld Publications:
Part of the GardaWorld rebranding process demanded the development of a consistent design language and a level of refinement in the production of the required printed collateral.

Activities included the overseeing of the entire internal rebranding process, ranging from the design of a multitude of high-end print collateral, to the coding of interactive online content, to the production of animated video content and to designing and directing the application of the new graphics onto the vast fleet of GardaWorld security vehicles and armored trucks.

This participation proved pivotal in the coordinating and policing of the branding process, including collaborating with the company’s regional HQs around the world, along with outside creative agencies and production facilities. These roles were instrumental in both the generation of content, and the implementation of the company’s Brand Guidelines.

From GARDA to GardaWorld
From GARDA to GardaWorld: Maintaining the Garda heritage while adding “World” connotes a global or international presence. These combined words further enhance the strength of the brand.


GardaWorld Brand Book
GardaWorld Brand Book: As we rebranded Garda as GardaWorld, a tool was needed to communicate the process to existing employees. To that end, a Little Book About Trust, or in French, Un petit livre sur la confiance, was created to express that process. Explore the flipbook version. Viewable only on a computer with Adobe Flash installed.


GardaWorld Annual Review
GardaWorld Annual Review 2013-2014: Although GardaWorld is a privately held company and there was no official requirement for it to produce an Annual Report, company executives still felt it important to communicate its activities to those interested. Explore the flipbook version. Viewable only on a computer with Adobe Flash installed.


Bank of America Newsletter
Bank of America Newsletter: In preparation for GardaWorld’s acquisition of the Bank of America money rooms and the absorption of its employees by GardaWorld, a multi-pannel newsletter was created. This newsletter, which opened up into a poster to hand on employee break rooms, contained information to ease the transition of the Bank of America employees into the GardaWorld family.


gardaworld trade show exhibit
GardaWorld Trade Show Exhibit: Custom designed a 20×20 foot trade show display consisting of two free-standing arches. Each arch features a large LCD screen with a looping video presentation.


Trade Show Exhibit Video: Produced a looping video presentation for use with the GardaWorld trade show exhibit.


GardaWorld Truck

GardaWorld Armored Truck Fleet Graphics: Designed graphics for application onto a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles ranging from small vans to large armored trucks.

Based in Montreal, Canada, GardaWorld provides business solutions and security services around the world. With over 48,000 employees worldwide, GardaWorld operates throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and across a broad range of sectors, including natural resources, retail, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing, and on behalf of companies, governments and humanitarian relief organizations.